Crafting copy.

Exceeding expectations.

Creating memorable experiences.

Are you satisfied with your website traffic?

How about your revenue? Are your consumers satisfied with your content?

Maybe your website is in the middle of the pack for your niche. You get enough traffic, have okay revenue, and most of your readers come back time and again. Maybe you’re satisfied with that.

But maybe you’re not.

If you feel like your website can’t get any better, and you’re at the top of your game, congratulations! I can’t do anything to help you. But, if you strive to improve in all of the areas I’ve mentioned, consider this:

In the middle of a crowded restaurant, a waiter pries at the top of a wine bottle with a pair of pliers. Red faced and sweaty, he latches on to the handles and pulls the pliers back with all his might. He breaks loose a piece of cork and sends the tool flying. In the commotion he fumbles, dropping the bottle of wine. In the silence that follows, guests file past him and out the door while he clears shards of glass from the tiles.


In the middle of a crowded restaurant, a waiter smiles at his guests as he shows off a bottle of wine. They make small talk as he gracefully spins a corkscrew into place and pops open the fragrant drink. As the wine flows, so does the laughter, and the pleasant scene through the windows draws in several passersby from outside. The happy customers can’t wait to return, and the restaurant has another successful night on the books.

What makes the outcomes so different in these two scenarios? One little detail: a corkscrew.

The right tool can be the difference between embarrassment and success.

How does this apply to you and me? Because I am the tool you need to help your content shine. With my help, SEO can be maximized, traffic can be increased, and profits can follow suit. Let me do the heavy lifting, so that your website can reach its full potential. Together, we can create satisfied, happy readers.

Let me make the difference for you!

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Copywriting that is intriguing and full of personality, never boring or dull.

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I draw inspiration from my personal experiences, and the pieces I’ve loved over the years. Then I mix in the technical skills from college, and quality research, and craft to perfection.

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About Josanna Ferguson

I may be “fresh meat” when it comes to the world of copywriting, but words and I go back a long way.

Growing up I was the bookworm, the old soul that wanted to write books and drive a minivan when I was nine.

Writing, however, is not generally thought of as a feasible career choice- more of a hobby. So when it came time for me to go out into the real world, I was a good kid and chose a real major to study.

So, I went through the motions, and found other things I was interested in. But I could never jump in with both feet.

Now, I am ready to get back on the track I always knew I was destined for… Greatness awaits.

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